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Whyville cheat codes.
Favorite Game
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The best, in my humble opinion...

MY favprite game of all is the treasure hunt or Geo Dig safari these games give you clams when you are finished...heres the cheats for treasure hunt safari.

Here are the cheats for the Geodig Safari...
Once you are a member of the GeoDig Safari you must go to these 3 locations by warp wagon:


  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • London, England
  • At each location click the guy with the weird looking hat and his name is McShale (WEIRD NAME) Once you have click him you must collect rock by saying "pick" or "sifter" on mountains or in caves. The man McShale will tell you witch tool you need to use at each location you go to. You must collect as much stones as you can there is a total of 18 stones to find. Once you have found enough go to your Satchel (It's the Red Book on the Bus), Go to the GeoDig Book and click "List of Found Rocks". Now in order to beat the game you must matchup all of the rocks with the names they are.


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