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Here are the answers to the Alien Rescue Game

Regular Cheat

  • May 27th; Nairobi, Kenya
  • June 27th; Cairo, Egypt
  • September 28th; Tokyo, Japan
  • December 28th; Anchorage, Alaska
  • June 6th; London, England
  • June 20th; Perth, Australia
  • May 20th; Bombay, India
  • March 28th; Tahiti, French Polynesia
  • June 20th; Moscow, Russia
  • September 21st; Buenos aires, Argentina
  • December 20th; Las Vegas, Nevada (United States)
  • June 2nd; Lima, Peru

Here is the cheat for house of illusions.
Many people think you need to click on every single picture in the whole Illusions House, but in reality you only need to walk through the whole place! So just keep going through the doors and it'll take you less than a minute to raise your salary by 10 clams!.

Whyville cheat codes.
Tips and Cheats
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Need some help? You've come to the right place.Here are all the cheats.

Here are the cheats for the skater game...Put everything in the middle and you will spin like crazy and win the olympic medal prize.


Here are the cheats for Getty Treasure hunt.Go to these cities in the Warp Wagon and grab your art.

Here are the answers for Spitzer Spectrum
In this game, you are asked questions about waves and light. The first thing you have to understand is the spectrum. The left side is the lower frequency waves, and the right side is the high frequency waves.


What part of the part of the spectrum does a regular light bulb emit most of its energy in?In the part of visible between ultraviolet and violet rays

In the 1970's black lights were the craze: Ultraviolet rays

Which region has the shortest waves?The far right side

Listening to the AM on your car when you pass high voltage lines you hear momentary buzzing. Which part of spectrem is it? About 25% to the left on the radio bar or the dark orange part.

Which range of spectrum do night-vision goggles use? Infrared

When an atomic bomb explodes, part of its radiation damages our body. What part of the spectrum does it come from? Gamma rays
What part of the spectrum has waves that are about as big as you are? The right end of radio waves.

Which region of the spectrum has the highest frequency? The far right end of the spectrum.

When searching for extraterrestrial life which part do scientists look for? Radio waves on the right side around the yellow part.

When we see warnings for radioactive materials which part of the spectrum do they talk about? Right end about gamma rays.

Which region has the longest waves? The far left end of the spectrum.

Here are some tips with the Whyeat


WhyEat is supposed to teach Whyville users how to eat well. Here are a few healthy meal choices that will help you in the WhyEat program.

Meal Plan 1


Quickie Yogurt Breakfast


Chicken Sandwich Combo


Ham- 1 Slice
Baked Sweet Potato- 1 Small
Frozen Lemonade- 1 Can

Meal Plan 2


Apple- 1 Half Apple
Apple Juice- 1 Cup
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit


Hot Chocolate- 1 Cup
Almonds- 1 handful (1/4 cup)
Bean Burrito - 1 Burrito


Ham- 1 Thick Slice (3oz)
Baked Sweet Potato - 1 Small
Frozen Lemonade- 1 Can